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The Sea Ice CCI project has developed a set of multi-mission merged products for ice concentration and ice thickness in Arctic and Antarctic.

Ice concentration data sets:

Several sea ice concentration data sets have been prepared as shown in the table below. They are based on SMMR, SSM/I and SSMIS  (1929-2015) , AMSR-E (2002-2011) and AMSR2 (2013-2015).

Climate data record
Period Spatial res Input data Comment
CCI v1 1991-2008 25 km SSM/I  
CCI v2 LF 2002-2017 25 km AMSR-E, AMSR2 Low freq channel
CCI v2 VLF 2002-2017 50 km AMSR-E, AMSR2 Very low freq channel
CCI v2 HF 2002-2017 12.5 km AMSR-E, AMSR2 High freq channel
OSI SAF v2 1979-2015 25 km SMMR, SSM/I, SSMIS Also known as OSI SAF - 450

Version 2.0 of the Sea Ice Concentration (SIC) Climate Data Record data sets from AMSR-E and AMSR2 (2002-2017) were released on 28 February 2018. The SIC Climate Data Record data set from SMMR, SSMI and SSMIS (1979 – 2015) have previously been released.   The data sets are available at,, and in the

CCI Data Portal


Ice thickness data sets

Sea ice thickness and freeboard from Arctic and Antarctic  are provided from Envisat RA-2 (2002-2012) and Cryosat-2 SIRAL2 (2010 - 2017).

Version 2.0 of the sea-ice thickness dataset was released on 20 June 2018 by AWI. This dataset, in comparison to the previous dataset (v1.0), provides a number of improvements which include improved sea-ice thickness retrievals from Envisat data, an experimental data record in the southern hemisphere, the delivery of trajectory-based Level 2 products and the availability of freeboard data in Level 2 and 3 products. The sea ice thickness data are open and available vis the CCI Data Portal. The links are: