Workshop on sea ice thickness retrieval from ERS and ENVISAT radar altimeters (15th March 2013, Cambridge, UK)

Mon, 2013-02-18 18:49
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Advances in processing of ERS-1/2 and ENVISAT radar altimeter (RA) data have shown that these instruments can be used calculate low resolution sea ice thickness from measurements of ice freeboard. By using known values of ice density, snow thickness and snow density, ice thickness can be retrieved for the winter months from 1993 to April 2012. Knowledge of the natural variability of sea ice thickness is critical for their representation in global climate models.

The prediction of future changes in Arctic sea ice, and consequent effect on the ocean and atmosphere, relies on global climate models properly reproducing changes in sea ice thickness.

The ESA Sea Ice CCI project targets to provide Arctic winter time sea ice thickness data sets based on ERS-1/2 and ENVISAT RA data from 1993 to April 2012 and with the best possible validation and error charaterisation.

Workshop Details

The workshop will be from 9am to 5pm and will be held in the Dashisha Room at Clare Hall, Herschel Road, Cambridge, UK (very close to DAMTP).

Please inform John Fletcher ( if you would like to participate, and provide a tentative title if you would like to present results under the above theme.

We would appreciate your confirmation before March 1st 2013.

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